PU Sandwich Board

Polyurethane foam sandwich panel is special designed for assembling small and medium-sized cold storage and other rooms and, cabinet that need insulation. The indoor cold storage assembled using it, no need structure, only one prefabricated panel can finish.


PUR Sandwich panel for Cold storage

PUR Sandwich panel for wall

PUR Sandwich panel for roof

PUR Sandwich cam-lock panel fro cold storage

Cold Storage Door

1.Desigend special for building large and medium-sized cold storage, it combine with light-steel frame t oassemble the cold storage, its shape, area, volume, can free design according to differenn needs.

2.To suing deeper irgularities groove structure and foam tightly improve panel's seams airtightness.

3.Male edges embedinto female edges 20-30mm, so hat each panel's matchboard is connected will with good strength, no matter wall or roof panel.

4.Wall panel and roof lapping, wallboard and steel frame fixing, roof and frame lifting, all need equipped with special combined accessories and special installation form , in order to ensure the cold storage insulation airtight, strong and safe.

5.Germany imported continuous production line, delicate foam, uniform density, internal void-free, energy saving and environmental protection,ecnomic and beautiful,good thermal insulation properties, the length can be cut according to customer requirements.

Application field of products:

Low temperature logistics distribution center of fresh and frozen food.

livestock, poultry slaughtering,meat processing and cooked production.

Aquatic products cold storage and fresh preservation and processing.

Vegetables ,fruits cold storage, fresh an processing.

Agricultural products,agricultural and sideline products storage and processing.

Agricultural and flower storing.

Agricultural an sideline products trading market.

Vaccines, biological products,pharmaceuticals,chemicals and others low temperature storage.

Sandwich Panel thickness and cols storage temperature range:

Panel TK: 50MM/ 75MM/ 100MM/ 120MM/ 150MM/ 180MM/ 200MM
Operating Temp (°C): 0/ -5/ -15/ -20/ -25/ -35/ -40