• 19-03-19IInsulation BoardPhenolic foam insulation board is the most suitable material for solving the fire safety of external wall insulation system. It has good flammability, stable performance, adiabatic insulation, sound insulation, good durability and high cost performance. It can be widely used in ground insulation, roof insulation and exterior wall insulation.
  • 19-03-19Air Ducting BoardAir duct panel is made of Phenolic/PU/PF foam with aluminum foil/color steel/ galvanized steel surface. It can be cut by special cutting tools, install different flanges to make large HVAC compound air duct system, no need to add insulation layer. It is smooth and clean, not produce disease-causing substances and breading of bacteria due to water absorption, no dust to affect health, it has the superior performance, environmental protection, energy saving, safe, non-combustible, sound insulation, beautiful, clean and so on, It has become the ideal replacement of traditional ventilation ducts. It can be widely used in Market, Supermarket, Guesthouse, Hotel Stadium, Workshop, Airport, Food Store, Pure Project, Underground Railway, High Speed Train Stain and so on.
  • 19-03-19PU Sandwich BoardPolyurethane foam sandwich panel is special designed for assembling small and medium-sized cold storage and other rooms and, cabinet that need insulation. The indoor cold storage assembled using it, no need structure, only one prefabricated panel can finish.