IInsulation Board

Phenolic foam insulation board is the most suitable material for solving the fire safety of external wall insulation system. It has good flammability, stable performance, adiabatic insulation, sound insulation, good durability and high cost performance. It can be widely used in ground insulation, roof insulation and exterior wall insulation.


PF wall insulation board with two sides skin of Aluminum foil

PF wall insulation board with one side skin of Aluminun foil and one side skin of glass fiber

Pu wall insulation board

The main feature:

1) Independent intellectual property rights of the raw material production technology.

2) Ultra strong anticorrosion bacteriostasis coating aluminum foil.

3) Seven product lines, can keep at less 10000sqm per day.

4) The lead technique production in domestic. Domestic unprecedented continuous compound without glue manufacturing technique.

5) five-in-one.

6) flame retardant property, Under the open fire this panel only carbonization, does not blast open.

7) Patent name: Uses in resin low temperature foaming phenolics production making and method; patent number: ZL00 111275.9.

1.Dimension tolerance range:

Thickness is from 20mm-240mm. Allowable tolerance +/-0.5mm(JC/T 1051-2007).

Aluminum thickness is 60-80um or do as customers' need

Length: length can do as your needs. Allowable tolerance +/-5mm(JC/T 1051-2007).

Width: 600/1200mm.Allowable tolerance +/-3mm(JC/T 1051-2007).

2.Density: over 55kg/m3 (GB/T 6343-1995)

3.Thermal conductivity: 0.020W/(m.K) at average temperature of 25(GB/T 10295-1988)

4.Fireproof research: BS476 part6&7, Summary of WF Report No's 189789&189790

5. Water absorption:1.3% (GB/T 8810-1988)

6. Dimensional stability: 0.51% (GB/T 8811-1988)

7. Modulus of elasticity :215MPa(GB/T8812-1988)

8. Bending strength: 1.4MPa(GB/T 8812-1988)

9. Compressive strength:340KPa(GB/T 8813-1988)